J.J. Abrams Hunting Nazis in Wunderkind

Paramount Pictures LogoI guess when you’re partnered up with a big Hollywood studio like Paramount, it’s pretty easy to pick up scripts for a nice sum of money to produce, since I’m assuming the studio is footing all the bill. And J.J. Abrams and Paramount have been getting along swimmingly since joining up, with the writer/director/producer delivering some major hits for the studio, including “Star Trek” and the recent “Mission Impossible” movies.

Yesterday the partners picked up the sci-fi mystery “God Particle”, and today has them picking up another script, “Wunderkind” from screenwriter Patrick Aison.

“Wunderkind” is an action/thriller set in the ’70s, and “follows two Nazi hunters; one is with the CIA and another works for Israel’s Mossad intelligence organization. The two hunters’ paths become intertwined — but they only start working together reluctantly.”

Abrams will produce via his Bad Robot shingle.

“Wunderkind’s” screenwriter Patrick Aison also recently sold a script called “Echo Station”, which is currently being set up with the Brothers Spierig directing this fall in Australia. The “Groundhog Day”-esque film follows a pilot on his way to re-supply a space station who finds himself stuck in an endless time loop with the crew, but only he knows it. It’s up to him to save everyone. “Echo Station” is not to be mistaken with the Spierig’s “Predestination”, which they co-wrote, and involves time-travel and is set to star Ethan Hawke. Apparently they’ll be shooting “Echo Station” later this year before starting on “Predestination” the following year.

Nazi Swastika

Via : Risky Business