J.J. Abrams Journeys in Time to Tell the Tale of Boilerplate

When J.J. Abrams gets involved in something, people pay attention. The latest something that Abrams has involved himself in is teaming up with Paramount to adapt the comic book “Boilerplate: History’s Mechanical Marvel” into a live-action movie.

Based on the comic by Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett (“Heartbreakers”), “Boilerplate” tells the “true” story (not really, but just go with it) of the world’s first robot during the Victorian Age. The robot fought alongside Teddy Roosevelt and Lawrence of Arabia before journeying to the South Pole and disappearing on the battlefields of World War I. And apparently it even got into silent moviemaking. Goes to show you, everyone wants to be famous, even buckets of bolts.

“Boilerplate” kinda reminds me a tad of Brian Clevinger’s “Atomic Robo”, actually, except Boilerplate looks a lot more clunky, though I haven’t read the comics yet, so who knows if he has Atomic Robo’s personality.

Abrams, who is one busy boy and then some, will produce through his Bad Robot banner.

You can find out more about the character via its official site here, which includes a faux trailer (below) and various drawings of the robot in various important moments of history.