Jack Bauer and 24 are Returning to TV as a Mini-Series

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer in 24

Or as Fox is calling it, a “limited series”. Basically, a TV mini-series. How long that mini-series runs is open to debate, but it’s going to have a beginning, middle, and end, and it’s probably not going to stretch past one season. Or one season-ish, anyway.

That’s the word from the trades, which has Keifer Sutherland in talks to return as America’s super terrorist fighter Jack Bauer, who will be making his long-awaited re-appearance after failing to get that oft-talked about but never happened “24” movie off the ground.

24 TV Series LogoThis certainly works out for both Sutherland and fans of Jack Bauer, seeing as how Sutherland’s latest attempt at playing someone other than Jack Bauer on TV, Fox’s “Touch”, is ending after its current season. The Tim Kring show is being canceled after just two seasons, which is just as well. No one wants to see Jack Bauer running around with a mute kid solving other people’s problems in ways that don’t involve him shooting the crap out of everyone.

As you’ll recall, Sutherland has been talking up a “24” movie that would continue the exploits of his CTU counter-terrorism agent after the show ended in 2010. But the movie never materialized, and frankly, I don’t mind this one bit. The idea of going “real-time” with a movie just seemed kind of absurd to me. Jack Bauer always did worked better on a TV schedule, with commercials for him to hop from one locale to another off-screen.

Howard Gordon, who produced “24” (and is currently running Showtime’s much-ballyhooed “Homeland”) pitched the idea and will produce again.

The next step, of course, is to bring back Mary Lynn Rajskub. After all, it ain’t really “24” without Chloe O’Brian now, is it?

Mary Lynn Rajskub

Via : Deadline