Jack Bauer is Back in a 24 Season 7 Prequel

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The Writer’s Strike may have pushed the start of 24’s seventh season until 2009, but that doesn’t mean FOX is going to leave us 24-less for the entire year. Word is that the network is currently developing a 2-hour prequel for the seventh season, meant to bridge the gap between the sixth and seventh season. If all goes well, the 2-hour prequel would air in the Fall of 2008, meaning we’ll get our dose of 24 in 2008 after all. All hail the mighty FOX!


The upcoming seventh season of the Emmy-winning series is set in Washington and features the first female U.S. president, played by Cherry Jones. Kiefer Sutherland stars as Jack Bauer, the government agent with a busy work day.

Maybe we’ll learn what made Tony Almeida go bad in the prequel. Shoot, I’ll settle for pretty much anything. Sure, the sixth season of 24 may have kinda sucked donkey balls for much of its run, but the ending was pretty awesome.

Jack Bauer is Back in a 24 Season 7 Prequel

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