Jack Bauer vs. Tony Almeida in New 24 Season 7 Trailer

CTU fans rejoice. There’s a new and very nicely paced 2-minute trailer for 24’s upcoming seventh season that reveals a little bit more about the upcoming season’s plotlines. We now know that the events that will be taking place in the 24 movie, “Redemption” (scheduled to premiere as a standalone movie next month) will actually have ramifications well into the show’s seventh season. In particular, Tony Todd’s African dictator character will be coming to Washington to exact some payback from the female President’s interference in his attempted coup in his fictional African country.

Although it’s still not clear who Tony Almeida, who is very much alive, is actually working for as he tries to crash some planes on the show, my money is on Jon Voight’s international arms dealer character, who also has a bit of a grudge against ol Jack. But then again, who doesn’t?

“24: Redemption” premieres in November, followed by Season 7 of 24 the TV show in January 2009.