Jack Black too Manly for Man-Witch

Jack Black does about 20 movies a year, and I don’t “get” about half of them, probably because I don’t see most of them, which granted, could be part of the problem. (Hey, I don’t know how this math stuff works.) The latest news out of Camp Black Jack (where clothing is optional, apparently), is that the Blackster has skipped town on “Old School” director Todd Phillips’ new comedy “Man-Witch”.

The reason is sketchy, mostly because it’s Hollywood, and in this town, like Chinatown, you just shouldn’t try to understand it. Or heck, if you wanna, there’s some reasons below via Variety:

An insider said conflict arose between the studio and Black’s Endeavor agent, Sharon Sheinwold. Other sources attributed the parting of ways to bad blood between Phillips and Endeavor — which Sheinwold recently joined after an ugly breakup with UTA. Phillips was the original director on Endeavor-repped Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat” and shot scenes for the box office hit before being replaced by Larry Charles. Phillips eventually received co-writing credit on the film.

Basically, Black left the project because his “people” wanted him to. Or maybe he had too much gas and couldn’t do another “School of Rock” movie, which “Man-Witch” basically is, if the plotline below is any indication:

…centers on a man who discovers he’s got witchlike abilities and ends up teaching little girl witches-in-training.

Switch drums and guitars with wands and brooms and you got yourself “School of Rock 2”. But cry not for Jack Black, he’s got a mega hit in “Kung Fu Panda”.

In the picture below, Jack Black is, uh, the pretty one.

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