Jack Ryan Reboot Goes to Moscow in Reboot? Da!

Chris PineSo we already know that Chris Pine is the new and younger Jack Ryan in Paramount’s reboot of the franchise (taking over from former Ryans Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Affleck), but we don’t know what he’ll be up to or who he’ll be up against when he finally makes it back to the big screen. According to the boys at Pajiba, ol Jack will be post-Marines, but won’t be in the CIA just yet when the movie begins, and he will still be slinging funds for some Wall Street types. And that’s where the trouble starts.

Ryan goes to work for a billionaire in Russia, where he’s set up to take the fall for a terrorist scheme to bring down the U.S. economy. This apparently will involve lots of running and fighting (it’s a good thing he’s an ex-Marines, so it won’t be too odd to see a Wall Street trader dishing out pain), and Jack Ryan’s young hot wife being kidnapped by the bad guys. Well, I’m assuming she’ll be young and hot; she’d have to be to compete with her young and hot husband, am I right? Ahem.

The script is by Adam Cozen, and is apparently a rewrite of an original script he wrote called “Dubai” that has been turned into a Jack Ryan story. It’s all very politically relevant and timely, what with the U.S. economy going down the shitter and all.

Jeri Ryan