Jack Ryan Reboot Comes Out of the Shadows in First Trailer

Chris Pine in Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit (2013) Movie Image

It looks like things are getting a tad hairy for budding CIA superstar Jack Ryan, this time around played by “Star Trek’s” Chris Pine, trying to keep his rebooting streak alive. Check out the first trailer for the Kenneth Branagh directed “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”, which co-stars Keira Knightley as Ryan’s wife, and Kevin Costner as Ryan’s less-than-trustworthy CIA handler. Or so they would like us to think. I’m sure they’re best buds at the end of the movie. Or perhaps not.

Jack Ryan has always been more about brains than brawn, though from the looks of this trailer, he might be putting some of that brawn to use trying to defeat villain/director Kenneth Branagh, who apparently wants to rule the world, destroy it, or make money. One of those.

In short, the plot involves Branagh as an evil Russian tycoon bent on doing something bad, and it’s up to Jack Ryan to stop him or die trying. Then Ryan’s wife gets involved somehow. Ladies, ladies, stay in the kitchen and let the men do all the work! Amirite, guys?

The film also stars Colm Feore and David Paymer, with Jack scheduled to save us all this December 25th.

Jack Ryan (2013) Movie Poster