Jackie Chan and Jet Li DOES Fight in The Forbidden Kingdom

When you heard that Jackie Chan and Jet Li would be co-starring in the Hollywood fantasy/action movie “The Forbidden Kingdom”, I bet you were hoping for an onscreen duel between the two. Lucky you, because Jackie Chan has confirmed on his official site that he does, in fact, fight Jet Li in the movie. He talks about their first fight together, choreographed by Yuen Woo Ping (of “Matrix” fame). This kung fu reassurance brought to you courtesy of Twitchfilm.

Today I finally “fought” with Jet Li. Although we have known each other for so many years, we have never fought with each other, but the short fight that we filmed today went very smoothly. It was as if we were brothers from the same kung fu school; every movement, punch, and kick was smooth — we could anticipate each others’ moves, timing, and rhythm. I felt like I used to feel when I fought with Sammo Hung or Yuen Biao. Whether it was eye-contact, a facial expression, or a turn, we were very much in harmony and it was really terrific!

Although I hadn’t worked with our action choreographer Yuen Woo Ping in many years, all of us worked so well together that what was supposed to be a day-long filming was accomplished in just a few hours.

People always ask who would win in a fight between Jet Li and me. Since this is my diary, I will of course say that Jet Li would win ha ha ha! I always insist that you can learn something from everyone you meet no matter if he’s an unskilled laborer or a superstar. Chinese expression: “When three people get together, one can be my teacher.”

Personally I think Jet Li would kick Jackie Chan’s ass six ways to Hong Kong in a real fight. Clown prince of kung fu my ass.