Jackie Chan and Jet Li Thinks The Forbidden Kingdom Will … Suck?

Maybe something got lost in the translation from Chinese to English, but man, it sure sounds like Jackie Chan and Jet Li don’t think all that highly of their upcoming Hollywood collaboration, “The Forbidden Kingdom”. I mean, damn, boys, this isn’t the best way to sell a movie, doncha know. Then again, considering Jackie Chan’s recent spate of movie choices, I’m not sure how much we should invest in his opinions of a film. Jet Li, on the other hand, I tend to believe; the guy seems like a straight shooter, while Jackie, well, sees dollars more than he does quality films from what I can tell.

WorstPreviews had these comments from the two men:

Jackie Chan says his first collaboration with Jet Li is set to disappoint fans. The “Rush Hour” star has admitted that “The Forbidden Kingdom,” which finished shooting in China last month, “isn’t actually that great.”

Speaking at a press conference in China, he remarked: “If I say it’s a good movie now, then many people will be filled with overly high expectations and be disappointed when they see the movie.”

Li’s blog also seemed to suggest that fans shouldn’t have a high expectation of the films. “I hope everyone uses an open mind to watch ‘The Forbidden Kingdom’ and not invest too much expectation into my fight scenes with Jackie Chan,” wrote the actor.

So the movie “isn’t actually that great” and fans shouldn’t expect too much from Jackie and Jet’s fights? Ooooh boy, I’m sure the Hollywood studio suits are gonna love hearing this… (If it turns out to be true, and not just someone fubaring the translation, that is…)