Jackie Chan Badmouths the Rush Hour Franchise

I swear, Jackie Chan is becoming one really whiny little biotch. First there was that story about how he’s warning his fans not to get too excited about his upcoming collaboration with Jet Li in “The Forbidden Kingdom” (read that sorry story here), and now Jackie is making his opinions known about the “Rush Hour” franchise as a whole. In a word, Jackie thinks it blows, and that he wished he hadn’t done it. Well, sort of. Jackie confesses that the only reason he did the films at all was for the cash, which he used to make movies more to his liking in his native Hong Kong and China. You know, gems like “New Police Story” and “The Myth”. Wait, those two movies were gems, right?

More from the wisdom of Jackie:

Chan said “Rush Hour 3” was no different from the first two installments for him.

“Nothing particularly exciting stood out that made this movie special for me … I spent four months making this film and I still don’t fully understand the humor,” he said, adding the comedic scenes may be lost on Asian audiences.

Chan’s comments came even though the “Rush Hour” series, which revolves around the racial humor stemming from the pairing of a Chinese (Chan) and a black (Chris Tucker) police officer, helped the action star cross over to mainstream American audiences.

You know, I don’t mind that Jackie thinks the “Rush Hour” movies suck. I don’t think they’re works of art myself, but I do think they’re kinda funny when approached from a, “These movies are pure junk, just go with it” perspective. And I also “get” that Jackie doesn’t get the film’s humor, cultural differences being what they are.

But what I do find annoying about Jackie’s comments is that he made the movies on his own free will (and from reports, he was practically dying to get part 3 made), and now to badmouth it is just disingenuous on his part.

So, Jackie, you’re basically telling us you did those movies because you wanted the money, and for no other reason? If that’s the case, are you really in any position to point fingers at anyone or anything? You are basically confessing that you whored yourself out for three films for the cash, bro. I wouldn’t go around admitting that if I were you.

Jackie Chan Badmouths the Rush Hour Franchise