Jackie Chan is Quitting Action Movies After Chinese Zodiac


Jackie ChanYou won’t have Jackie Chan to kick around anymore, world. Well, in action movies, anyway.

While over at Cannes to sell his latest movie, “Chinese Zodiac”, a film that he says was 7 years in the making, Chinese action star Jackie Chan claims that after “Zodiac”, that’s it, he’s done with action movies. That doesn’t mean he’ll stop acting, just in movies that require him to punch someone or take a punch from someone. It’s something Chan has said repeatedly in the past — his desire to be just an actor, instead of an action movie star.

He tells the AP:

For the last ten years I’ve been choosing the director to direct me. This one I direct myself. I hope this movie, 20 years later, people still remember it. For me, for the audience, for my future, for my history — it’s very important.

When I look at Hollywood, at Robert De Niro, he can do anything — comedy, drama.

Clint Eastwood— 60-70 years old, he can still move. I said yes, that’s my goal. Because action stars’ life is so short. Actor’s life is very long. I want to show audiences I can act.

Jackie Chan is 58, and I gotta say, he sort of looks every year of it. All that falling, getting hit (accidentally and otherwise), broken bones, etc, have definitely taken their toll on the man. He’s like a boxer in that respect — you gotta know when to hang it up, and good for him for knowing that the “when” is now.

Of course, what happens when Hollywood comes calling with a big paycheck for “The Karate Kid 2″? I suspect they’ll need Mr. Han to do a little fighting in that one…

In any case, “Chinese Zodiac” has Chan playing a fortune hunter who travels the world trying to track down missing astrological antiques. Along the way, he fights lots and lots of people.

Here’s an early promo for the movie:

Via : AP

Author: Nix

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  • Robojesus777

    GOD, I cannot wait for this movie…

  • Peace through Jazz

    I love Chan’s films. Especially his movies from the 1980s through 1998 or so. I am really looking forward to this film and I hope it delivers.

  • Lixue1990131

    I love him and his movies, As a Chinese I am proud of him! He is our hero not because he is very famous just for his professional.

  • Pinakin

    I think this one looks like an extension of “Armor of god” movies..and that’s cool…I think we should start a petition for Jackie Chan to star in the next part of Expendables and then hang his action boots…considering Stallone is a fan and friend..could happen..not that the great Jackie Chan needs an American action movie as a closure…but what could be more fun than Chan fighting his slapstick style along side all the muscle head, hit them hard action stars…

    • Peace through Jazz

      I completely agree with you. I was wondering why Chan was not in the Expendables. But I concluded that Chan has always stated that he doesn’t like MAKING violent action films because he wants his films to be seen by families and children. (That’s why I questioned “Shinjuku Incident” ha ha).
      But yes, I agree, I wish Chan would be in his buddy Stallone’s film. Also it would give us another chance to see Chan and Jet Li in the same film again.

      By the way, to the best of my knowledge, this film “Chinese Zodiac” is in fact Armor of God 3. I’m pumped at the fact that there is going to be lots of fight scenes.

    • Marc Ohhhh

      This is Part 3 of the Armour of God Series. Armour of God, Armour of God II (aka Operation Condor), and now this.

  • Pinakin

    @Peace @Marc ..thanks guys for the info..always loved Armor of god movies.. by the way Jackie Chan has denied he is quitting action movies in general..on his Facebook page…He says he was shocked and surprised to see all the news reports..and what he actually meant was…Chinese Zodiac is his last movie with risky stunts he is known for…he is quitting doing risky death defying stunts..and continue doing action without the stunts..so there will be less stunts but action will be there.. He also said he will keep improving his English :)