Jackie Chan Wants to Re-Team with Chris Tucker

Wasn’t it just a few days ago that I got into a dust-up with BeyondHollywood.com reader Dustin over the virtues of Jackie Chan’s maybe-maybe not whorish ways? Now it looks like the aging martial arts star is once again making noise about teaming up with Chris Tucker for another movie — and no, it probably won’t be another “Rush Hour” sequel. But if not that, then what? Chan wouldn’t elaborate, although he did say that he’s now looking for a writer so they can get this thing in place and happening as soon as possible.


“It’s like two days ago when Chris Tucker called me,” [Jackie Chan] said Saturday. “We sat down and decided we want to do another movie. Not a ‘Rush Hour’ — something new.”

“I said yes, and after I shook [Tucker’s] hand, I said: ‘Look, we need a middleman. I don’t want to shake hands, then I go back to Hong Kong and you stay here, I get busy and you get busy,’ ” he recalled. “You have to have somebody in the middle to follow up, otherwise it will never happen.

“We’ve just agreed to do it,” he added. “Now we’re looking for the writer.”

Yeah, I’d watch it, if only because I’ve come to appreciate Chris Tucker for being the annoying, loudmouth comedic foil that he works best as. The guy is an acquired taste, what can I say, and I’ve acquired it.

And as for Jackie — no … WHINING … later on. Get me?

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan Back for Another Movie