Jackie Chan’s 1911 Will Go Day and Date in China and US, Courtesy of Well Go USA

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Jackie Chan is a badass, which is why the guy now has 100 movies under his belt. 100 movies. Think about that for a second. Most actors are lucky enough to star in a dozen motion pictures during the span of their careers. Jackie Chan has found himself in 100. That’s an impressive feat, regardless of where your allegiance lies. The prolific actor’s upcoming endeavor, the Chinese historical epic “1911”, was recently acquired by the folks over at Well Go USA, who plan to release the film in the US on the same day it hits theaters in China. How impossibly cool is that?

This is a trend that I hope will continue well into the future. Problem is, will enough people here in the States see “1911” in the cinema for other distributions to follow in Well Go USA’s footsteps? I, for one, certainly hope so. Here’s hoping that the film somehow reaches a theater within a reasonable driving distance from my front door. While you’re patiently waiting for the movie’s release date, be sure to check out the pic embedded below. It’s pretty darn snazzy, especially if you’re a fan of the Chan.

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    That would be awesome. Then again I’m happy if it just realeases in theatres in the states period. And hey Well Go whatever happened to “Ip Man2″ and “Legend of the fist” being released in theatres stateside? Or is that still happening.