Jackie Chan’s Skiptrace Adds Bingbing Fan, Paranorman Director Sam Fell

Jackie Chan in Chinese Zodiac (2012) Movie Image

It looks like it’s full speed ahead for Jackie Chan’s latest American/Chinese co-production, the previously reported on action-comedy “Skiptrace”, with Exclusive Media announcing today that they’ve come onboard to produce and co-finance the film with Talent International.

Fan Bingbing in My Way (2011) Movie Image“Skiptrace” will be directed by Sam Fell (director of last year’s “Paranorman”), with Chinese actress Bingbing Fan (or Fan Bingbing, depending on who you ask), also coming onboard as, we assume, the female lead, though there’s no word on her character. Fan (pictured, left) was last seen in a gratuitous role in the Chinese cut of “Iron Man 3”.

Up next, the casting of a “mouthy American” to star alongside Chan. Saw that coming, dincha?

The plot for “Skiptrace” is your standard Jackie Chan Goes to Hollywood movie (aka the “Rush Hour” and “Shanghai Noon” films), and depending on how you feel about that, it’s either a really good thing or a really whatever thing:

Based on Chan’s original idea, SKIPTRACE is written by Jay Longino and co-written by THE SITTER scribes Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka. The action comedy follows a Hong Kong detective (Chan) who is tasked with tracking down a mouthy American gambler on the run from his creditors. The men form an unlikely partnership and attempt to take down Hong Kong’s most notorious criminal, while embarking on a wild journey through some of China’s most scenic and exotic locales.

So if you’re prone to blaming Hollywood for only putting Chan in these type of commercial movies, then you should also blame Chan, too, cause he came up with the idea. Obviously he didn’t go very far to get it. He probably just looked at his old movie posters from Hollywood and eureka!

In any case, “Skiptrace” will mark Sam Fell’s (pictured, below) first live-action film, after directing the animated movies “The Tale of Despereaux”, “Flushed Away”, and last year’s Oscar-nominated “ParaNorman” (which lost, amazingly enough, to Pixar’s “Brave”).

David Gerson will produce along with Chan.

Sam Fell