Jackman Dumps Avon Man to Beef up for Wolverine Sequel

I guess this means Fox is really committed to a sequel to last year’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. Or at least, their star Hugh Jackman is. Word is that Jackman has dropped out of the comedy “Avon Man” in order to devote the coming Fall entirely to training for the comic book sequel.

With a script by Christopher McQuarrie, the “Wolverine” sequel is expected to take Logan and his shiny claws to Japan, where he will no doubt tangle with modern-day Samurais, ninja assassins, and other assorted bad dudes with deadly intensions and even sharper blades.

Now all Fox has to do is find a director for the big-budget movie. It doesn’t look likely, though, that Bryan Singer, who is on the wish list of may fanboys, will be available to direct by next year given his current commitments.

Despite having an unfinished work print leaked onto the Internet months before it was scheduled to arrive in theaters, 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” still went on to earn $373 million in worldwide grosses from a $150 million dollar budget. The film has since gone on to make an additional $74 million in DVD.