Jackson Confirms Nick Fury for Captain America and Avengers, Not Thor

Ultimates Nick Fury (ala Samuel L. Jackson) in “The Avengers” is a given, and his eyepatch is all over those “Iron Man 2” promos, but what about the period-set “Captain America” set to shoot this Summer in England and Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor”, which is already shooting and nearly done?

Yes on the first, but no on the second, according to Jackson himself (via IESB). Says Jackson, he has no idea why he isn’t in “Thor”, and sounds a bit disappointed. Of course, he’s not the only one. It was always assumed that Nick Fury, the head of SHIELD and the man who pulls the Avengers super team together, would have to be in every movie if just to connect the Marvel U. films, and since Thor is a very vital part of the Avengers, it would make sense for him to pop up if only for a cameo ala the first “Iron Man” movie. Apparently, not so much.

Jackson also doesn’t think a “Nick Fury” solo film will ever happen, and seems to think that Joss Whedon’s “Avengers” will shoot as soon as next February.