Jaime King Leads Cast of Mother’s Day Remake

There’s nothing like trying to please dear ol mum by abducting and then doing bad things to innocent young nubile campers. Well at least that’s the premise of the original “Mother’s Day” from the Troma boys, released way back in 1980. The new version will come courtesy of former “Saw” guy Darren Lynn Bousman, who has brought a completely new take on the old story, which begs the question: why call it a remake of a 1980 horror movie in the first place?

Regardless, THR says the remake will be fronted by model turned actress Jaime King, and the new story will have the old occupants of a house returning to reclaim it. Unfortunately for the current residence, led by Jaime King (last seen in the clunker “The Spirit”), who will play a grieving mother who has decided to shut herself off from the rest of her family, including her husband.

Besides King, Bousman’s version of “Mother’s Day” will also have Shawn Ashmore, Briana Evigan, Alexa Vega and Matt O’Leary in the cast. O’Leary will play one of the sons trying to please mom (through dismemberment and what have you, one presumes), while Ashmore (“X-Men: The Last Stand”) and Evigan (already in another horror remake, the upcoming “Sorority Row”) will play guests of King’s staying at the house when the bad things happen.

Bousman, who says he’s not looking to do a straight horror movie ala the “Saw” films, calls his remake a “psychological thriller”, and his plan is to “elevate” the film beyond the borders of the genre. So, er, no clever death traps, then?

Bousman will direct from a script by Scott Milam for The Genre Co. and Rat Entertainment. Production is scheduled to start sometime next month for an early 2010 release.

Jaime King is ready to be terrified. And so are we. Yowser.

Jaime King is ready to be terrified. And so are we. Yowser.