James Badge Dale Heads to Battle in World War Z

Back in April, The Killing‘s Mireille Enos was in talks to join Brad Pitt in “World War Z“. The latest actor to join the cast is James Badge Dale, who you may recognize from “Rubicon” or “24”.

Since “The Walking Dead’s” Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) won’t be able to help the “World War Z” crew, considered them screwed…they could’ve definitely used his help in how to survive in a zombie filled world. Jokes aside, Dale is set to play an American soldier who tries to alert authorities that the zombie threat is real.

Where’s the ‘in case of zombie emergency, break here’ case when you need it? “World War Z” is based on the novel by Max Brooks, the film is about a worldwide infestation of flesh-eating zombies.

Production will begin later this month in London.