James Badge Dale Saddles Up as the Lone Ranger’s Brother

James Badge Dale in Rubicon TV SeriesJames Badge Dale, fresh from the battlefields of “The Pacific” and shaming himself in “Shame” (and more recently fronting AMC’s short-lived “Rubicon”), will saddle up as the older brother of the Lone Ranger in Disney’s (excessively) big-budget “The Lone Ranger” movie.

Dale will play Dan Reid, an “ex-ranger and hero of the Old West”. In the original story, Reid is the Captain of the Texas Rangers who are gunned down by bad guys, setting the stage for Armie Hammer’s John Reid to don the mask and deliver justice one silver bullet at a time. With, of course, the help of his trusty Indian sidekick Tonto (Johnny Depp).

In this version, of course, Tonto will be more of the leading man. After all, you don’t give Johnny Depp $20 million (or thereabouts), including back-end change, and ask him to play second fiddle.

Dale joins Hammer and Depp, along with Ruth Wilson, Tom Wilkinson, Barry Pepper, Helena Bonham Carter, and Dwight Yoakum in the rebooted Western.

Production on “The Lone Ranger” is expected to commence sometime next month under director Gore Verbinski.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Comic Book

Via : Deadline