James Bond Ditches Martinis for Heineken

Heineken BeerI’m not the world’s biggest fan of Heineken. The Dutch product is a bit too thick of a lager for my taste. But then again, I’m a wuss, so maybe that’s the real reason, especially since James Bond doesn’t seem to have any issues with the imported beer brand. According to reports, Bond will be ditching his famous martinis for a bottle of Heineken in the upcoming “Skyfall”.

As part of the brand switching, Bond himself, Daniel Craig, will do a commercial spot for Heineken, and his Bond will be seen sipping from the drink in the Sam Mendes-directed film. One can only hope he doesn’t ask the bartender to “shake” the beer before opening it.

Of course, Bond selling out for the Gods of Product Placement is nothing new. Bond’s last outing, 2008’s “Quantum of Solace” famously sold more than $80 million dollars worth of ad space in the movie (he made $59 million by shilling out in “Casino Royale” 2 years before that). My guess is that Bond selling out martinis for Heineken is just barely scratching the tip of the Bond product placement iceberg.

Hey, a man’s gotta eat. (Or, er, drink.) Even Bond. James Bond. Product placement whore at your service.

Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (2006) Movie Image

Via : THR