James Bond Will Have to Wait a Little Longer

craig-as-bondCasino Royale got a lot of notoriety for the “reboot” angle, but Quantum of Solace felt like a different take altogether: Marc Forster favored characterization and quick-cutting action scenes, which gave Bond a different flavor (stirred, not shaken).  A lot of fans didn’t like it  (although quite a few still warmed up to it), leaving the future of the franchise an open question mark.

Some work has been done in the interim year, but most of the delay has been attributed to the fact that Producer Michael Wilson decided to take time away from a series that had left him exhausted. Now, a franchise that has traditionally seen a one or two year turn around when it’s rolling, will probably have to wait three years; in contrast, Quantum of Solace began filming only a year after Casino Royale and was released a year after that. Commander Bond points out this Youtube video in which Daniel Craig is asked while signing autographs (around the one minute mark) when the new film is coming out. He responds by saying, “We start at the end of next year.” This most likely puts the next movie on track for a 2011 release.

Of course, no director has been signed; my guess is that it won’t happen until the middle of next year.  Neal Purvis and  Robert Wade are once again returning to write the screenplay – God forbid they hire dynamic screenwriters who can really flourish – but the most significant news so far is that British writer extraordinaire Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon) is being brought into the process.

There is at leat one thing we know for certain: Bond will return.