James Cameron Developing a True Lies TV Series

I’ve always thought that James Cameron’s “True Lies” has been criminally underappreciated over the years, but apparently Cameron still has a fondess for it, because he and 20th Century Fox have been hashing out a TV version of the show for a while now, and with show runner Rene Echevarria (“The 4400”) attached, is ready to start pitching it to networks.

Like, duh. There won’t be a whole lot of pitching here. It’s James Cameron post-“Avatar”. This guy could probably get a napkin its own TV series if he wanted to right now. “From James Cameron, the creator of ‘Avatar’, comes … ‘Napkin: The Series!'” They’re going to get their pick of networks.

For those who didn’t see the 1994 original (itself based on a French flick), the action-comedy starred Arnold Schwarzengger as Harry Tasker, a badass American superspy who, along with his funny but curiously very competent sidekick Tom Arnold, fights terrorism and other assorted bad guys. The movie saw Harry married to mousy secretary Helen (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) with a delinquent teenage daughter (played by Eliza Dushku before the whole hotness explosion happened) at home. Harry’s job and home life collides when he discovers that a sleazy car salesman posing as a spy (played by a hilarious Bill Paxton) has been picking up his wife. Plus, that whole terrorism thing.

“True Lies” was a pretty big hit back in 1994, and I remembered loving the hell out of it in theaters. It’s also been re-running on TV for years now, so you’ve probably stumbled across it once or twice.

No idea how a TV series would work, but I’m assuming a superspy husband/dad trying to save the world while keeping his secret identity from his family at the same time. At the end of “True Lies”, Helen had gotten wise to Harry’s identity and was actively working alongside him as a fellow spy, but I don’t think they’ll want to do that for the TV series. For one, there’s already a spy series like that — J.J. Abrams’ “Undercovers”.

And oh yeah, there was this scene from “True Lies”, with a no-longer mousy Helen ala Jamie Lee Curtis in her prime: