James Cameron Will Pocket $350 Million from Avatar

I see you, James Cameron. Or actually, I see that big wad of cash you got in your pocket, old chum. Deadline reports that the “Avatar” director will make, when all is said and done, about $350 million from his work on the record-setting “Avatar”, thanks to the film’s $2.7 billion worldwide box office gross and monster sales on DVD and Blu-ray. You know what this means: James can now afford at least two more ex-wives!

And for those among you who like to cover yourself in blue paint and prance around the forest (and really, who among us doesn’t?), Fox will be releasing a “Special Edition” of “Avatar” in theaters August 27 exclusively in Digital 3D and IMAX 3D. This version will include more than 8 minutes of new footage not seen in the original theatrical run. One can only hope those extra 8 minutes include some tail action between the two main characters, which according to actress Zoe Saldana, were shot but eventually cut out of the film.

Meanwhile, back on Pandora…