James Cameron’s Next Movie Will so 3D You’ll Barf 3D While Watching it

And then later, after the movie, you’ll run to the bathroom and pee in 3D. Cause that’s how Jim Cameron rolls, bitches.

THR has a curious article/non-article about Cameron’s next upcoming movie, and it … might be “Avatar 2”. Or it might not. It might be some other movie entirely. Yeah. So, this is what a filler article looks like in the “pro” trades, huh?

Anyways, according to the article, Cameron expects to shoot his next movie in the next “3 to 4 years”, but regardless of what it ends up being (“Avatar 2” or otherwise), Cameron plans to “push 3D technology to new levels” with his next movie.

Basically, he’s going to 3D the shit out of you.

'I'm going to 3D the shit out of you, bitches!'