James Frain Will Menace the Lone Ranger

Though given the description being used for James Frain’s character in Disney’s upcoming “The Lone Ranger”, I’m not sure how bit of a villain role it actually is.

Frain will apparently play “a tough foreman overseeing Chinese and Indian rail workers who works for the story’s chief villain” played by Tom Wilkinson. So he’s a “tough foreman” in charge of some railroad workers? Not sure how that translates into more than just some dude the Lone Ranger has to punch in the face, but whatever.

In any case, Frain, recently in “True Blood” and previously the masked villain of NBC’s “The Cape”, has signed on to the big-budget Disney Western starring Johnny Depp as Tonto to Armin Hammer’s Lone Ranger. Helena Bonham Carter is also in the cast, which is expected to be assembled for the start of production in a few months time.

James Frain in The Cape TV Series

Via : THR