James Gunn’s Humanzee Is Ready For Delivery

HumanzeeAfter waiting for what seems like ages for its debut, “Slither” mastermind and former Troma grunt James Gunn’s outrageously violent web show “Humanzee” — which was banned by both Xbox Live and Spike TV last year — has finally made its online debut this morning. The program, which prominently features multiple members of the Gunn family, as well as “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” star Michael Rooker, chronicles the wacky adventures of a dorky suburban loser (James Gunn) and his half-human, half-chimpanzee hybrid. The first episode is exceptionally stupid and savagely violent, yet its old-school sitcom presentation somehow manages to elicit multiple laughs despite being completely nonsensical. Genius? That depends on you.

You can visit James Gunn’s Official Site for more details, or you can simply enjoy the video included below. Not sure if this will be an ongoing project or not, but I’m definitely curious to see where it leads.