James Gunn’s Super Will Be Released On April Fool’s Day

This April Fool’s Day you have something to look forward to other than pulling wacky pranks on your friends and loved ones. IFC has settled on that date, April 1, 2011, to release James Gunn’s (director of “Slither”, screenwriter of Zach Snyder’s “Dawn of the Dead”) black-comedy-superhero-movie “Super”. The film stars Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon, and Liv Tyler.

Wilson stars as a normal guy named Frank who decides to become a crime fighter when his wife (Tyler) leaves him for a drug dealer (Bacon), taking on the identity of the Crimson Bolt and agreeing to let a young overzealous comic shop employee (Page) to be his sidekick Boltie. Together, they fight crime in the most violent manner imaginable.

Though “Super” is ostensibly a comedy, it is also violent and dark, more in line with recent superhero movies like “Kick-Ass” and “Defendor”, than their slick, big budget, studio counterparts. Premiering during “Midnight Madness” at the Toronto International Film Festival, “Super” generated a great deal of interest, and was snatched up by IFC the day after the first screening. In an attempt to avoid disappointing box office returns due to unrealistic levels of hype, the plan is to release the film in a few markets, then increase the initial number as demand increases and word of mouth spreads.

So go see “Super” on April Fool’s Day. It’ll be way more fun than putting super glue on your buddy’s toilet seat again.

Here are a couple of clips.