James McAvoy and Jamie Bell are Sick, Depraved, and Filthy Cops

Well, probably just James McAvoy’s character, anyway.

The Playlist reports that McAvoy, Jamie Bell, and Alan Cummings have come onboard a big-screen adaptation of author Irvine Welsh’s novel “Filth”, confirmation that comes from the author himself during an interview. Previously, McAvoy had talked up the role, but wouldn’t say the title. Now we know.

In the film, McAvoy would play “Bruce Robertson, a sex-obsessed, cocaine-addicted, bigoted Scottish police officer who is supposed to be investigating a murder but gets sidetracked by his own peculiarities, worries and hangups ranging from the pranks he pulls on his co-workers to his various sexual conquests. Looking in on Robertson is partner-of-sorts, Ray Lennox, and his boss, Bob Toal…”

Bell will play Lennox, while Cummings will do the boss gig. According to IMDB.com, Brendan Gleeson and Imogen Poots (from the upcoming “Fright Night” remake) are also in the cast, with the film set for sometime in 2012.

Welsh will produce, with his buddy Jon S. Baird (“Cass”) directing.