James Mudge’s Best and Most Disappointing Films of 2012

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In no particular order…

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Author: Nix

Editor/Writer at BeyondHollywood.com. Likes: long walks on the beach and Kevin Costner post-apocalyptic movies. Dislikes: 3D, shaky cam, and shaky cam in 3D. Got a site issue? Wanna submit Movie/TV news? Or to email me in regards to anything on the site, you can do so at nix (at) beyondhollywood.com.
  • Correoelectronico777

    I loved CITW, Ted, and REC3, so now I’m pretty sure that I could enjoy Citadel :D

    your tastes in movies are bad, and you should feel bad

  • Mmmhmmm…

    Over analytical film junky. You tend to take entertainment way to seriously, while buying your own bull shit, and expecting others to agree with you. Never seeing much family guy, but calling Ted a disappointment makes me wonder why you got excited over the film to start with. Self depricating humor and parody seems to low brow for such an intelligent mind. Only foreign and independent films are worth your Oh so holy attention, unless its a film based on a beloved novel. Pan films that others loved, while commending films that most haven’t seen or liked in any way. This is classic hipster holier then though tripe. “I’ve loved movies since before movies were cool.” Your arrogance shines through in every word you write. It’s ok to be a nerd, its not ok to be an elitest, arrogant d bag.

    • W.A.S

      I think you are reading way to much into this list, it’s just his opinion you don’t have to agree. Why cant people understand that?

  • MonkeyFascist

    This has to be the best movie list I’ve seen yet. Most include Ted as one of the best films of 2012 and Prometheus as one of the worst, so I applaud you for giving them the credit they are due. Can’t say much for Skyfall and Cabin in the Woods, as I have not yet seen either of these films, but most I’ve seen have been good praises for both. Still going to see both eventually, just so I can find out for myself what the heck people are talking about and come to my own conclusion.

  • Shaun Krog

    I am sorry, but I stopped reading after you included Cabin as a disappointment. I respect your opinion but man, that makes me doubt yours.

  • Chris C

    My top 10

    10. Mandrill 2009 – Chile
    9. Tony Manero 2008 – Chile
    8. Taped 2012 – Netherlands
    7. Black Games 2012 – Iceland
    6. HeadHunters 2011 – Norway
    5. A Desire To Kill 2010 ( Enemy At The Dead End ) – Korea
    4. Bullhead 2011 – Belgium
    3. Snabba Cash ( Easy Money 2010 ) – Sweden
    2. No Rest For the Wicked ( No Habra paz Para los malvados ) 2011 – Spain
    1. Sleepless Night 2011 ( Une Nuit ) – France


  • Buchichu

    You are so off track with CitW and Ted. Also, Prometheus was high budget garbage. You seem to have a good handle of foreign films but you have no idea what a good NA movie is.