Jamie Bamber to Star in Two Pulse Sequels

I didn’t see the American remake of the Japanese horror film “Pulse” (aka “Kairo”), for no other reason except I had already seen the original years earlier, and didn’t want to risk diluting it’s brilliance with a watered down American remake. But who cares why I watch a given movie or not, because the producers behind the “Pulse” remake has already scheduled parts 2 and 3 (both to go directly to DVD), to be called “Pulse: Afterlife” and “Pulse: Invasion”, respectively, and they’ve signed up “Battlestar Galactica” star Jamie Bamber (Lee Adama, aka Apollo) to play the lead in both films. If the “Pulse” sequels follow the pattern of recent years when it comes to DTDVD sequels, both movies will be made back-to-back and released a year apart.

More from MovieHole:

In the films, Bamber plays Stephen, a recently divorced account exec for a large sales firm. He busted up his own marriage because he slept with someone else. He is the man that “let it all get away.” In the post phantom world, he hides out up in his mountain lodge, behind an armored wall of sentries. He finds his child, thankfully still alive, and must protect her from the phantom of ex-wife Michelle (as well as from the jealous and possessive fling subject, Marta).

Wow, that’s pretty interesting. I didn’t know the American remake had gone apocalyptic with its ending as the original Japanese version had. I thought they would do something lame like have the kids save the world or something, but I guess not!

Of course this means I will have to go see the original remake, because I plan on seeing the sequels…

Jamie Bamber to Star in the Pulse Sequels