Jamie Foxx is Running for President of White House Down

Jamie Foxx“Django Unchained” star Jamie Fox wants to add President to his resume. The actor, currently blasting away fools with a six-shooter in Quentin Tarantino’s Western, is currently in talks to play the young President in James Vanderbilt’s “White House Down”, the “Die Hard in the White House” script that sold oodles of money, and has already nabbed a big-time director in Roland Emmerich.

If he does sign on the dotted line, Foxx would join Channing Tatum as a Secret Service agent who ends up trapped in the White House during a paramilitary takeover. Foxx’s President, a youngish but capable Commander in Chief, ends up tagging along with Tatum’s agent as he battles to take back the people’s house.

Vanderbilt’s “White House Down” script raised a lot of eyebrows when it recently sold for $3 million to Sony. In today’s economy, getting a cool $3 million for your spec script is a pretty big deal.

The film is one of two “Die Hard in the White House” movie currently gestating in Hollywood, with “Olympus has Fallen” being the other. “Olympus” was the first movie announced and has Gerard Butler attached, but it looks to be falling behind “White House Down” at the moment. Of the two movies, Vanderbilt’s script is clearly the superior one, but casting Tatum in the lead is a bit of a stretch. Not physically speaking, but in a “Can he really pull off the Bruce Willis smartass vibe that’s required” speaking. You can pretty much tell that Vanderbilt was basically channeling Willis’ John McClane when he wrote the script.

(By the way, it’s too bad Foxx isn’t in the running to play the President in Gerard Butler’s movie, since they already did a movie together before, in “Law Abiding Citizen”.)

Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen (2009) Movie Image

Via : Deadline