Jane Got a Gun, and Maybe Michael Fassbender, Too

Michael Fassbender in Haywire (2011) Movie ImageI was watching Kevin Costner’s “Open Range” for the umpteenth time late last night and it just got me missing big-budget Westerns again. And when I say “big-budget”, I don’t mean a $250 million dollar Western like the nonsense that is currently going on with Johnny Depp’s “Lone Ranger” movie. I mean, a nice budget, “big” by the standards of what’s being put into Westerns nowadays (which are tiny, basic cable-level TV budgets), but “small” by all Hollywood standards. $10 – $20 million, if you will.

That looks like the kind of budget that the Natalie Portman Western “Jane Got a Gun” will be going with, and if the production has its way, it might also get Michael Fassbender, too.

Word has the ever-busy Fassbender, currently shooting Ridley Scott’s “The Counselor”, in talks to play the male lead in the Western, which would star Portman (who also produces) as the wife of an outlaw whose husband returns home shot to pieces, with his bad guy pals showing up to finish the job. Fassbender would play Portman’s ex-lover, who Portman’s character (Jane, I’m assuming) goes to for help.

Yeah, nothing like the ex showing up asking you to help save the man she dumped you for. From gun-toting outlaws, no less.

“We Need to Talk About Kevin’s” Lynne Ramsay is scheduled to direct the $20 million dollar film from a script by Brian Duffield, with production kicking off as early as next year if Fassbender signs on the dotted line.

I don’t think Fassbender has ever done Westerns before, so this would be a new one for him.

Natalie Portman in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999) Movie Image

Via : Vulture