Jane Got a Gun But She Ain’t Got Bradley Cooper No More

Bradley Cooper

It seems like no one really wants to ride the saddle for Natalie Portman’s indie Western “Jane Got a Gun”. The latest actor to hop off the production saddle is Bradley Cooper, who was originally set to play the film’s outlaw villain. Cooper was cast as early as last month, but it didn’t take him long to say adieu.

Jude LawThe film famously lost its director Lynne Ramsay after she bailed on the production in fine, Hollywood style by just not showing up on the set on the very first day of shooting. Looking to salvage the film, the producers got Gavin O’Connor (of “Warrior” fame) to pinch hit, and as far as I know he’s still onboard.

Cooper follows in the footsteps of Michael Fassbender (who had commitments to “X-Men: Days of Future Past” to think about as the reason for his leaving) and Jude Law (who left after Ramsey did, and whose motivations for bailing is a little less clear).

Joel Edgerton was originally supposed to play the film’s villain, but snuck over to playing the good guy after Fassbender bailed. I don’t suppose it’s too late for him to go back to playing the bad guy? Then again, if he did, who would play the good guy?

As far as we know, Noah Emmerich is still set to play the husband of Portman’s character, who arrives home shot to pieces with his old gang (formerly led by Cooper) following to finish the job. Edgerton will play the hero, who also happens to be Jane’s former lover, who comes to the rescue. The ex-couple get Jane’s farm ready for the inevitable showdown.

O’Connor is directing from a script by Brian Duffield. Luckily for all involved, Cooper’s part was always planned to shoot in the second half of production, which means production can still continue while the producers look for a replacement. Again.

Natalie Portman

Seriously, all Natalie Portman wants is a villain for her movie. Come on, Hollywood!

Via : THR