Japanese Gang Drama Aragure Gets A Two-Fisted Trailer

Aragure (2013) Movie Poster

What happens when good-looking youngsters get involved with gangs and start causing trouble? They fight, they bleed, and they look incredible while they’re doing it. Judging from the trailer below, director Hajime Gonno’s “Aragure” looks like something Takashi Miike would have crafted back in the day. It’s stylish, it’s violent, and it involves angry young men doing very bad things. I wonder if someone will find redemption? I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

Anyway, check out this synopsis:

Seiya Himuro is a member of the gang “Tokyo Mugen.” One day, Seiya hears that Takakura, the original leader of the “Tokyo Mugen,” is released from jail. Seiya blames himself for Takakura’s arrest and apologizes to him. Seiya and Takakura decide to work together, with Seiya following Takakura’s lead. A gang member is assaulted and Seiya becomes the suspect.

If you’re reading this in Japan, then you might be able to find “Aragure” playing in a theater near you right now. The rest of the world will tap fingers on tables until the flick lands on home video. While you’re waiting for that to happen, have a look at the trailer below.

Aragure (2013) Movie Poster

Via : Asian Wiki