Japanese Horror Noriko’s Dinner Table Trailer, U.S. Release Dates

Japanese poet/director/horror dude Sion Sono brings you the follow-up/prequel/you-name-it to his 2001 hit “Suicide Club” (about a rash of suicides committed by gleeful Japanese students), the strangely titled “Noriko’s Dinner Table” (don’t eat the meat!). A bloody good time wrapped in schoolgirl uniforms comes to North American theaters in limited release. The film is described as “utilizing a fragmented and non-linear structure” to “depict a world in which characters only find their true selves by abandoning their identities.” So this is about my High School days all over again? Just kidding. Continue for the trailer and a more detailed synopsis.

Bored and restless with her oppressively ordinary small-town existence, 17-year-old Noriko runs away to Tokyo to meet friends she’s made in an online community for girls her own age. Adrift in the big city, she discovers that her Internet pals are in fact part of a rent-a-family outfit that assumes roles and plays out whatever family drama their lonely clients will pay for. Noriko joins the band of players.

When Noriko’s sister follows her to Tokyo, their father fears that his daughters are part of an Internet cult whose teenaged members share a common bond — a group suicide pact. He embarks on a frantic search to find his daughters and reunite his family. Even if it means he has to hire them to act the part…

“Noriko’s Dinner Table” is being released by Tidepoint Pictures in in New York and Los Angeles in June 2007, and then will expand in North America through August. But don’t hold your breath if you live in the Red States.

Trailer for the film below: