Japanese Poster for Gary Oldman’s Rain Fall

You can’t go wrong with Gary Oldman in a movie about a hitman, a pretty girl, and evil CIA assassins. The film, which we reported on last year but have heard nothing about since, is called “Rain Fall”, and my guess is that Gary Oldman either plays the head of those evil CIA guys, or, well, he’s probably the head of the evil CIA guys. I’m just guessing, of course, but you don’t pay Gary Oldman and not have him play the heavy. It’s just wrong.

Directed by the very cool-sounding Max Mannix, the movie is based on a novel by Barry Eisler, and has an assassin protecting the daughter of one of his victims against other assassins. Probably because he feels bad for whacking her old man or something. That seems to happen a lot in movies about assassins, if you haven’t noticed.

Besides Oldman, the film stars Kippei Shiina, Kyoko Hasegawa, Misa Shimizu, Akira Emoto, Takumi Bando, and Dirk Hunter. The lead in “Rain Fall” is Japanese, as are most of the cast, the setting, and dialogue.

Japanese poster for the movie via.