Japanese Splatter Epic Red Sword Puts an Erotic Spin on an Old Tale

And by erotic, of course, I mean Japanese girls wandering around half-naked through shadowy corridors in the middle of the night. The trailer for director Naoyuki “Erotibot” Tomomatsu’s upcoming action flick “Red Sword” follows a samurai’s quest to destroy a legion of werewolves with a really sharp sword. The effects are cheap, the girls are marginally attractive, and the action is suitably dodgy. In other words, it’s pretty much on-par with the sort of crap I tend to cover around here. I just hope I’m not predictable.

Enough early-morning ramblings. Read this:

Long, long ago, there was a wolf-man tribe who had no women. All through history these desperate wolf men have attacked and raped female humans as a way to continue their species. But the wolf men have a terrible legend where every hundred years, on the night of a red moon, a little girl is born and she is destined to destroy the wolf-man tribe. The lecherous wolf men are so afraid of females that they have developed a code which requires they kill baby girls soon after they are born. But only the lovely Beniko Akatsuki survives this terrible fate.

These days, Beniko fights endless battles against the wolf men. Poor Beniko’s mother was ruthlessly raped by a wolf man and gave birth to Beniko. To save her baby girl, Beniko’s mother had to sacrifice her own life. Now, Beniko wears a memento of her beloved mother, a red riding hood, and she has dedicated her life to killing all the wolf men. One day, Beniko senses that the evil wolf men are sneaking into a high school. The clever Beniko pretends she is a school girl and starts attending school, only to find vicious, horny pack of female-deprived wolf men. Beniko protects her fellow school girls as she fights them off with her sword and her red riding hood. Will the brave, sexy Beniko Red Riding Hood be able to finally kill the vicious pack of sex-starved wolf-men?

Try not to read the synopsis more than once, as the film sounds increasingly terrible upon closer inspection. “Red Sword”, which stars Momoka Nishina, opens in Japan on March 3rd, 2012. The NSFW trailer has been embedded below.

Via : Brutal as Hell