Japanese Trailers for Battleship and John Carter (of Mars)

Taylor Kitsch in John Carter of Mars (2012) Movie Image

Because impending New Years festivities and post-Christmas blues means I’m forced to reach for anything that even resembles post-able movie news, even foreign trailers that hit the net days and days ago, here are two Japanese trailers for two big-budget sci-fi films that will either do relatively well or sink like stones once they hit theaters. Please to take a gander at slightly new-ish trailers for Peter Berg’s alien-invadin’-on-the-waters flick “Battleship” and Andrew Stanton’s alien-fightin’-on-Mars-though-we’re-too-scared-to-actually-use-the-word-Mars adventure “John Carter” (formerly “of Mars”). Enjoy, fans of sci-fi movie trailers from the land of the rising sun.

“John Carter” and the boys arrive first on March 9, 2012, followed by “Battleship” on May 18, 2012. Of the two flicks, “Battleship” is the one with the honest to goodness Japanese movie star amongst its cast in Tadanobu Asano. (In case, you know, you were wonderin’.)