Jason Bourne 4 Headed to South America? Start that Diet, Matt.

That would seem to be the case, if Frank Marshall is correct. And why would we take Frank Marshall’s word on it? Um, well, he is the producer of the “Bourne” films, after all, and will be bringing back the amnesiac turned pissed off dude back to duty in a fourth Jason Bourne movie, starring Matt Damon with Paul Greengrass directing the previous two films, taking over for Doug Liman, who did the first. /Film has word that both Greengrass and Damon will return, and here’s what Marshall says about the plotline for the fourth movie:

“There was a fourth book written, but it was not by Mr. Ludlum. So we’re probably going to take our own direction and we’re working on what that storyline’s gonna be right now.”

Which I find kind of funny. Seriously, Frank? You want to go your own direction now because Ludlum didn’t write a fourth “Bourne” book? Did you even READ the books? Your movies had nothing to do with Ludlum’s novels past the FIRST 30 MINUTES of the first movie!

But whatever. Who am I kidding, expecting Hollywood producers to actually read novels that they’re making movies from. I mind as well expect monkeys to learn to brush their teeth.

But I digress.

Bourne 4. Back. South America.

Grab some jalapenos, Matt, so you can sweat off those pounds you packed on for Steven Soderbergh’s crime thriller “The Informant”. Damn, I’ve heard of method acting, but this is ridiculous. Love the ‘stache, Matt. Via Jezebel.

Matt Damon Fat in The Informant