Jason Clarke to Play in Stephen Gaghan’s Candy Store

Jason Clarke in THE CHICAGO CODE

Already set to save humanity in Matt Reeves’ “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”, former “Zero Dark Thirty” star Jason Clarke has also revealed that he’s set to star in Stephen Gaghan’s upcoming “Candy Store”, who he doesn’t give any particulars on what character he’ll be playing.

Based on a script by Gaghan (who will also direct), “Candy Store”, despite its sugary title, is a crime film about “a highly trained deep-cover operative starts his life over in Brooklyn as a beat cop only to discover the global organization he was dedicated to fighting also is operating in his new backyard.”

Names like Brad Pitt, Jamie Foxx, and Denzel Washington were previously rumored for the film’s two main male roles since 2012.

Gaghan is most famous for writing and directing the 2005 film “Syriana” with George Clooney, but he really made his bones when he wrote “Traffic” for Steven Soderbergh.

Via : MTV