Jason Horton is Set to Unleash His Monsters in the Woods

I’m a fan of monster movies, for better or for worse. And while I’m still unsure as to which end of that spectrum director Jason Horton’s “Monsters in the Woods” will fall, this won’t dissuade me from investigating the flick when it hits DVD this February. The film stars Glenn Plummer, an actor who doesn’t get nearly enough respect these days. Anyone who has seen “South Central” can attest to the man’s greatness. In fact, my well-worn VHS copy gets at least one viewing every year. But, I digress.

Stand by for one hell of a lengthy synopsis:

Low budget filmmaker JAYSON (Glenn Plummer) has made the movie of his dreams… but to his dismay, it can’t sell in Hollywood. The distributors tell him, “You have nothing exploitative in your movie. Add some sex scenes, more violence, and maybe we’ll buy your film.” The distraught filmmaker approaches his neophyte, semi-psychotic producer BRAVO (Blaine Cade) and tells him, “Put together a cast and crew… we’re going to re-shoot and give them what they want!” Bravo nervously tells him, “We’re out of money.” Jayson screams at him, “I don’t care. Do WHATEVER you have to do!”

Bravo enlists a young movie crew to follow them into the remote backwoods of the Great Bear Mountains by telling them, “There’s no money, but when we sell this, you’ll all get a big piece of the profits for your efforts… and great craft service!” Various ‘B’ movie actors, including stuntman BURT (Edward Hendershott) and his gorgeous wannabe actress girlfriend ASHLEY (Linda Bella), join them as Jayson has promised her a role in the movie. After a series of ‘behind-the-scenes’ interviews of this quirky bunch, they begin filming. Jayson is accidentally killed by his inept crew, and in the midst of all the confusion, Bravo strangely convinces them to finish the movie. They reluctantly agree but soon after are attacked by an unrelenting swarm of deadly ‘devil dogs’ from Hell. Burt, Ashley, and Bravo briefly escape the danger as they are rescued by two ‘angels’ sent from Heaven to battle the monsters. Unknown to them all, Bravo has made a pact with the Devil to provide twelve souls (theirs) in order to get the movie made. Mayhem ensues as the survivors attempt to kill the ‘demons’ and close the entrance to Hell before the whole Earth is consumed by evil!

Pick up a copy of “Monsters in the Woods” when it hits retail shelves on February 21st, 2012. Check out the trailer embedded below. If you hate cheesy horror, bail out now.

Via : Dread Central