Jason Momoa May Battle Stallone in Headshot

And I stress the word may.

But that’s the going report from Latino Review, whose sources within the dirty, dirty bowels of Hollywood informs them that Jason Momoa, fresh off “Game of Thrones” and the star of the upcoming “Conan The Barbarian” will be bringing his medieval barbarism to contemporary times, joining Sylvester Stallone’s ’80s throwback action flick “Headshot”, the Walter Hill-directed adaptation of the comic book “Bullet to the Head” by Colin Wilson and Matz.

In the film, Stallone plays a New Orleans hitman who teams up with a New York cop when their respective partners are gunned down by a shared enemy. Momoa would play a character name Keegan, who I would have to guess is the main bad guy, since I don’t see Momoa playing second banana villainy in this stage of his career.

The film previously cast Sung Kang and Sarah Shahi to roles (Shahi will be playing Stallone’s daughter), but no one has yet been signed up for the cop, though previous reports had Thomas Jane (“The Punisher”) locking down the role, but rumors had him being fired for not being black enough for producer Joel Silver’s tastes. Only in Hollywood.