Jason Momoa Reportedly Offered Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy


The biggest pain in Marvel’s side when it comes to keeping secrets, Latino-Review seems to have done it again. On the heels of breaking the news that Harrison Ford is set to return for the “Star Wars” movies as Han Solo, the boys at LR now report that “Conan” star Jason Momoa’s screen test for Drax in the studio’s upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” went so well, they’ve offered him the role.

It’s certainly not the worst choice Marvel could have made. Momoa, who started life on “Stargate: Atlantis” before parlaying that into “Game of Thrones” Season 1 and the recent “Conan” reboot (along with the Sylvester Stallone “Bullet to the Head” actioner), definitely has the size and physique to play the large green-skinned alien assassin Drax The Destroyer.

Drax The Destroyer Comic BookSo who exactly is Drax? As with all Marvel characters, he’s got a pretty muddled past:

A former saxophonist, Arthur Sampson “Art” Douglas and his family were killed by the Titanian Eternal Thanos while driving across the Mojave Desert. Kronos recovered Douglas’ astral form and used it to create a superhuman warrior for the purpose of defeating Thanos. After Thanos was defeated, Drax was eventually killed by a psychic attack from Moondragon.

Years later, Drax was resurrected to once again battle Thanos (also recently resurrected). Drax’s resurrection was not perfect, however; his brain remained damaged from his previous death. After Thanos was defeated a second time, Drax became a member of the Infinity Watch and guardian of the Power Gem.

He later, of course, joins the Guardians of the Galaxy.

LR says Momoa beat out fellow actors Isiah Mustafa, Dave Bautista, and Brian Patrick for the role, with all four actors flying out to London for the screen test.

This comes on the heels of “Zero Dark Thirty’s” Chris Pratt landing the role of Star Lord, the half-human, half-alien leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The film is expected to kick off Marvel’s ambitious plans to launch their universe into outer space, continuing with “The Avengers 2”.

James Gunn will direct the film set for 2014.

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