Jason Reitman Finds his Young Adults in Charlize Theron and Josh Brolin

Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody“Young Adult” should be of great interest to those of you who saw and loved “Juno”, the Jason Reitman-Diablo Cody collaboration that made half of the population love the name Diablo Cody (left) and the other half despise it with a burning passion. I happen to fall into the former camp, having enjoyed “Juno” much more than I had anticipated. The cute-as-a-button performance by Ellen Page didn’t hurt, either, of course.

In the writer/director’s latest collaboration, “Young Adult”, Charlize Theron will play a divorced writer who returns to her small hometown to try to reconnect with her old flame, played by Josh Brolin, whose character is now married with children. Um, yeah, not sure how that’s gonna work, but I’m guessing lots of wacky dialogue and wacky situations, but it sounds exactly like the type of uncomfortable situation that made “Juno” such a novelty.

Theron is already confirmed for the movie, though Brolin is only rumored to be joining. After the mess of “W” and “Jonah Hex”, ol Josh’s sudden turn as leading man material is looking mighty shaky.

Charlize Theron