Jason Scott Lee’s Dance of the Dragon Trailer

It’s been a while since Jason Scott Lee showed up out of nowhere to play Bruce Lee in 1993’s “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story”. Since then, he’s been in a couple of high-profile projects, including “Map of the Human Heart” and “Rapa Nui”, but in recent years he’s mostly done low-profile films like the direct-to-DVD sequel “Time Cop: The Berlin Decision” (which I thought was vastly superior to the first one with Jean-Claude Van Damme) and the “Dracula” franchise. His latest is the 2008 Singapore movie “Dance of the Dragon” from writers/directors Max Mannix and John Radel. It’s… not exactly what I would expect from Lee, and from what I can tell, he plays the big bad villain trying to keep the poor country kid from true love. Bah. Still, it’s nice to see Lee back in the mix again, hopefully we’ll see more of him.

Jason Scott Lee (Dragon – The Bruce Lee Story), Korean heartthrob Jang Hyuk (Windstruck, Volcano High), and Singapore’s A-list artiste Fann Wong (Shanghai Knights, Just Follow Law) star in Dance of the Dragon, a modern day tale of love, passion, courage and hope, with the demanding and visually stunning disciplines of ballroom dancing and martial arts woven into the plot.

Asian-American Hollywood actor Jason Scott Lee plays the role of Cheng, a former martial arts champion. His relationship with Emi (played by Singapore’s top actress Fann Wong) is threatened by the arrival of Tae (Jang Hyuk) whom Emi mentors in dance. Soon, student and mentor appear to develop feelings for each other, leading to a showdown that will resolve the passionate love triangle.

Dance and martial arts are pivotal to the films storyline. Ballroom dancing is Tae’s lifelong dream and through Emi, he can develop this craft. Tae must also face in a martial arts challenge with the loser leaving Singapore – and Emi.

Starring Hyuk Jang, Fann Wong, Jason Scott Lee, Jason Chan, Yeo Jin-gu, Eung-soo Kim, Kay Tong Lim, Mi-Lee Young, and directed by Max Mannix and John Radel.

Look for it on import DVD.