Jason Statham Busts Heads (Of Course) in First Trailer for Hummingbird

Jason Statham in Hummingbird (2013) Movie Image

You won’t be surprised to learn that in his new movie “Hummingbird”, Jason Statham plays a badass who uses his badass skills to kick bad guys in badass ways. Though in this one there’s apparently a bit more character and pathos that goes deeper than “he was wronged and now he’s going to kill you” logline you usually find in your average Statham movie. This is probably thanks to writer/director Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises”).

But don’t take my word for it. Check out the first UK trailer for Statham’s “Hummingbird” and feel free to decide for yourself.

Living homeless after going on the run from a military court-martial, Joey Jones (Statham) is a damaged ex-special forces soldier trapped in London’s criminal underworld. But when opportunity enables him to assume another man’s identity, he is transformed into an avenging angel.

Also starring Vicky McClure, Benedict Wong, Siobhan Hewlett, David Bradley, and Christian Brassington.

The Brits get it first on May 10, 2013, most likely followed by a U.S. release date afterwards.

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