Jason Statham Heads Back into the Garage for The Mechanic 2

Ben Foster and Jason Statham in The Mechanic (2011) Movie Image

For a movie that just barely squeaked even when it was released theatrically 3 years ago, it’s surprising someone thought there was enough of an audience for Jason Statham’s “The Mechanic,” a remake of the Charles Bronson movie, to greenlight a sequel. Not only greenlight a sequel, but a director has since been attached in “The Fourth State’s” Dennis Gansel.

Starring Statham and Ben Foster as a pair of hitmen, “The Mechanic” went on to earn $51 million worldwide from a $40 million dollar budget. While no one in their right mind would classify the movie as a box office hit when it was released in 2011, the film did go on to earn $16 million on DVD and Blu-ray according to The-Numbers.com. That, apparently, might have been the impetus for the producers to announce the sequel, with Statham signed on to reprise his role from the first movie.

Statham previously played Arthur Bishop, a veteran hitman who mentors a young Ben Foster in the trade. Bishop is one of those bad guys who is also a good guy — you know, the type of criminal that only exists in the movies.

Simon West directed the first movie, which also co-starred Donald Sutherland and Mini Anden.

Trailer for the 2011 movie

Via : THR