Jason Statham is a Hummingbird. Presumably a Stabbing, Neck-Breaking, and Shooting Hummingbird.

Jason Statham is a very badass man. All his movies prove it. So Jason Statham signing up for a drama called “Hummingbird” may leave you a tad worried.

Don’t be.

In “Hummingbird”, Statham will play an ex-Special Forces badass who “assumes another identity to avenge injustice in London’s criminal underworld.”

See? It’s just Statham being his badass self. Sure, they’re labeling it as a “drama”, but come on, it’s Jason Statham in an action movie about a dude who kills a bunch of London criminal types. Basically, Statham being Statham, and if you happen to like that (as I do), then this is good news.

Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises”) will direct from his own script. Shooting is set for early 2012 on location in London.

Jason Statham in Killer Elite (2011) Movie Image

Via : EW