Jason Statham is a Killer Elite

Putting Jason Statham in a movie where he gets to shoot, blow up, and kick people in the head is probably as box office guarantee as you’ll liable to get with the guy. (Okay, so “Death Race” didn’t exactly hit the mother lode, but how many people did he kick in the head in that movie? Huh? Huh? Anyways.) I don’t know how many people Statham will be kicking in the face in “The Killer Elite”, but he’s probably guaranteed a nice bodycount, considering the film’s premise.

According to Variety, Statham would play an ex-Navy SEAL who must come out of retirement to save one of his best friends. The plot also concerns a group of former British special forces members being hunted by assassins. I’m guessing one of those former special forces operators in need of saving will be Statham’s friend.

The movie will be based on a novel by Ranulph Fiennes called “The Feathermen”, with commercial director Gary McKendry making his feature-length film directorial debut on the actioner.

“The Killer Elite” begins shooting in the fall fall in London, Paris and Australia.